The manifest can be saved by Netflix after all


Appears Perhaps it was a series that went unnoticed by some in Spain, however, the three seasons It was very successful in the US, although that didn’t help the series NBC He will renew it for a fourth season.

As in these cases, fans started a file Bell Even some platforms (Netflix) Save her. They took advantage of the fact that Netflix itself has added it Appears to its North American catalog to prove its strength and make the company see that it will provide Appears It was synonymous with sure success for them.

Since the series hit the platform, it has broken viewing records, become the most watched on the other side of the Atlantic and It ranked among the most popular on Netflix over a month ago.

The fans had a goal about to Appears The biggest hit on Netflix To get the attention of Red Hastings and Ted Sarandos and get them to do what they already did The devil, a move that made the platform win a lot.

Until now, it seemed impossible Appears Was due to redeem, but last night Delivery time I mentioned that all is not lost, and it seems that talks They are on the right track for that Appears A second chance on Netflix.

apparently, Warner Bros. TV, the studio that produces the series, is in the middle of Negotiations with Netflix to revive the series. The proof that he could be back with a new season is that the studio Already started Talk to the cast and writers To set up agreements if all goes well with the streaming platform.

It won’t be easyThe production companies have many issues to discuss and details to close in order for this to be possible, but if Netflix has already done so with The devil, There will be no reason not to repeat it with Appears After the amazing results I achieved in the United States.

Now fans only keep waiting To see if everything is OK in the end or not Appears Come back with new episodes. Your work is over.

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