The medical professions will start in Ixtac and Coscomatepec

The medical professions will start in Ixtac and Coscomatepec

The person in charge of federal programs in the area admitted that there was a lot of interest from young people

Great interest has arisen among young people in the region to launch holistic medicine and community health professions in the municipalities of Ixtacozuquitlan and Cozcomitepec, where there are so far about 550 students enrolled, according to the district’s Program Development Agencies Officer, Rogelio Rodriguez Garcia.

On the campus coscomatepec There were about 250 students who will study the certificate and in Ixtac, in the Campo Grande region, 300 young people. In addition to the fact that they will receive a Benito Juarez scholarship for the entire four-year period of employment.

Rodriguez Garcia He commented that in the case of Ixtaczoquitlán, this university will operate where the Technological University of the Center of Veracruz (UTCV) previously was.

He noted that in addition Exhuatlan of coffee Nursing, a profession promoted alongside integrated medicine, will be introduced as part of the national plan to ensure health for all, in all communities and on all shifts.

Indicated that intention President of the Republic Is that there is interest in three shifts and for this it is necessary to have the specialists.

He pointed out that as young people advance in subjects, progress will also be made in the construction of buildings so that every university It has its own facilities, which will also be equipped with what is necessary so that the students have all the tools to complete their education.

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