The Mexican Economy Will Be Fragile in 2021: The American Chamber of Commerce in Cairo


Although the Mexican economy is expected to grow at 3%, the lack of public and private investment and financial stimulus will make it fragile.

Economic advisor to the association American room Mexico (AmCham), Luis Funerada She announced that the prospects for the Mexican economy in 2021 indicate that growth Gross Domestic Production (GDP) will be recorded as a growth Dependent 3%, Despite this, “A. The fragile situation For Economy“.

The specialist explained that although during the last month of 2020, the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Engy) Revealed that Business Confidence Index Recorded a monthly increase for the first semester of this year.Private investment is insufficient And a slow recovery of economic activity. ”

Likewise, it is expected that Public investment Somehow Limited It is not conceivable that the country’s economic recovery can take place through Tax incentivesSince it was abandoned by the current administration. to me International Monetary Fund (International Monetary Fund), Mexico is The second lowest country Stimuli The prosecution Implemented during the pandemic, only for above De Uganda.

Luis Fonserrada explained in his analysis that during the first semester of this year, Movements In the exchange rate And prof Increasing inflation.

Finally, he emphasized that in light of this scenario, “The Strengthening the rule of law It is the critical factor in attracting the investment and creating the jobs we need for The recovery of our economy“.

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