The model spoils her face trying a beauty trick


There are very promising beauty tricks, although it’s always a good idea to use common sense before following them, especially if it’s a trick that suggests putting needles in. your skin.

Most recently, the case of Tilly Whitfield, the Australian influencer who made the fatal mistake of taking advice from him beauty On tik tok that caused serious injuries face, as well as temporary vision loss.

The Australia-based Big Brother member of the TV show, Big Brother, posted on Instagram about 6 weeks ago some pictures of how it works Way Shortly before entering the house where the reality show will be held.

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“This is how Way I looked a week before I went home, so I always have my makeup and my skin covered,” Tilly Whitfield said in her Instagram post where she shows the various injuries they cause. the trick That’s supposed to leave her beautiful freckles.

What TikTok Trick Did the Australian Influencer Take?

Six weeks ago, the Australian wrote on her Instagram that she tried to remove the scars she caused herself in an attempt to repeat the procedure beauty The owner I saw in it tik tok Every two months before entering the Big Brother Show.


“I ended up in the hospital with temporary blindness due to the infection, not to mention my injury Way She noticed the young woman with photographs showing a series of lesions throughout the cheekbones and nose area. Pictures show blisters, scars, redness, and eventually make you see Way Whitfield is a complete tragedy.

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Big Brother is a reality show in which a group of people must live together under the constant watch of television cameras showing the audience everything the residents of the house do and say 24 hours a day. Apparently, the production fully supported Whitfield and did not rule out his participation in the broadcast despite filling it out face from infection With needles and ink.

In the post 6 weeks ago, Tilly Whitfield thanked the show for their support.

How is Whitfield now?

In a recent Instagram post by Tilly Whitfeld, Form And the influencer seems to be smiling, although he face It still shows the consequences of the damage caused by following the wrong advice tik tok to tattoo themselves slash at home.

He revealed that before entering the Big Brother program, he used fake ink and needles that he taped on his body Way.

se-arruina-cara-por-truco-tiktok.jpg (Photo:

He also comments that after spending different amounts to disappear HarmHe finally managed to get the ink out of it slash Wrong, although he still had scars from the needles that go away with the dermatologist-recommended hydroquinone.

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