Abdallah, the Cuban anti-fatal vaccine, reports an efficacy of over 92%.


Havana Cuba /

The vaccine that protects one hundred percent against COVID-19 It does not exist yet, but laboratories around the world are progressing every day in this fight against the virus that has caused a global pandemic and is still present across the planet.

Now the lab Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnologywho is working on the anticovid vaccine, Abdullah, reported that this efficacy is 92 percent, which adds to the race as it will compete with other vaccines such as CanSino and Pfizer o Sputnik V.

The laboratory has shown that this efficacy is achieved when the vaccine is applied in three doses.

The laboratory said in a message on Twitter: “Abdullah’s vaccine candidate CIGBCuba, showing an efficacy of 92.28%, in its 3-dose scheme. #CubaEsCiencia.”

This laboratory is currently working on five candidate vaccines against COVID-19, and the most famous of them is dominion 02 Which recorded an efficacy of 62%, in addition to Al-Abdullah with 92.28%, which are already considered vaccines and will be used for application to its population.

What does the Abdullah vaccine consist of?

The person who until now was a vaccine candidate designed it Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB)It consists of the active pharmaceutical ingredient, RBD (receptor-binding domain, for its English acronym), which is assisted in its synthesis with aluminum hydroxide and other ingredients.

On December 7, the Phase 1 clinical study began with 132 people between the ages of 19 and 54 years old. There, safety and immunogenicity were studied.

In the second phase (660 volunteers), it was extended to the age of 80Once the safety data of the candidate vaccine has been established.

In the third stage (48,290 volunteers), in addition to safety and immunogenicity, the efficacy was studied.

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