The “Monster of Amstetten” will leave the psychiatric center to serve his prison sentence

The “Monster of Amstetten” will leave the psychiatric center to serve his prison sentence

Today, an Austrian court decided to send him to a prison for common criminals Joseph Fritzl, He was sentenced in 2009 to life imprisonment for possession He was locked in a basement and raped his daughter for 24 years. This is the sentence he has spent so far in a center for convicts who suffer from mental problems.

The “Monster of Amstetten,” who will turn 89 next April, imprisoned his daughter in 1984 and sexually assaulted her for years. He had seven children with him. Who were born in the basement of the family home without the knowledge of the rest of the family.

The judicial decision, which will not be implemented until it becomes final, means that he will continue to serve his sentence in prison. Although his defense continues to request parole This measure is considered a first step towards his release from prison.

However, this application was for general parole The court rejected it today.

If the ruling is not appealed. Josef Fritz, who according to Austrian media changed his last name to Meyerhof some time agoHe will spend the next ten years in prison on the condition that he undergo psychological treatment.

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The decision to leave the psychiatric center was based on an expert's report indicating that he was suffering from dementia The conditions no longer exist due to their current detention conditions.

The defense also pointed out that the court mentioned this The convict is no longer a danger. APA reports.

His lawyer, Astrid Wagner, confirmed that her client “He's absolutely filled with remorse.”

After its discovery in 2008. Fritzl's crime caused an international uproar The abusive father, then 73 years old, was sentenced to life imprisonment in a prison for criminals with psychological problems in Krems, 80 kilometers from Vienna.

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