The Ospina Rodriguez brothers show their talent in US | Globalism

The Ospina Rodriguez brothers show their talent in US |  Globalism

He searched for it and succeeded. Daniel Jose Ospina Rodriguez has always wanted a sports scholarship from a university in the United States, and this desire, today, is a reality. This 20-year-old, born in Ibagué but raised in Cartagena, is a member of Columbia International University thanks to his soccer talent.

“I’m in the United States for three years. Once I graduated from college, I came looking for a sports scholarship and got it.” Daniel, who is a recovering midfielder who has been called up by a new team for his good playing field, said, “I thank my dad who was directing us. Always in the sport.

“Now I’m going to start playing with Heat United from South Carolina, in the first division of the English Premier League,” added Ospina Rodriguez, who admires Radamel Falcao Garcia because of his faith, Cristiano Ronaldo because of his mentality, and Sergio Ramos for his passion. The reason this team called me.

Another Ospina Rodriguez

Juan Esteban Ospina Rodriguez is Daniel’s brother and also got a scholarship for his talent from Columbia International University. He is 18 years old and plays as a striker. He wants to break it now summer.

“I came to Columbia International University thanks to the fact that the coach who recruited my brother saw my conditions and then called me. Now we have both been called to Heat United, where we hope to do things well this summer,” said Juan Esteban, who was playing in Cartagena, was called up. Several times for the Bolivar football team.

The Ospina Rodriguez brothers realize little by little their dreams, the ones that were traced back to them as children. They go for more.

“The Bivalo,” as Juan Esteban is known on American stadiums, said: “We now dream of becoming professional players in Europe and one day being called to the Colombian national team.”

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