What was the misunderstanding that prompted Carlos Vela to play 20 minutes in his debut for Los Angeles FC

Carlos Villa suffers from muscle pain in a match against Austin (Photo: Gary A. Vasquez / Reuters)

The 2021 season did not start well for the Mexican striker Carlos Candle. In a play 22nd minute From the match against Austin FC, at the Bank of California Stadium, he searched for a ball within the area where, when he made an effort to reach the ball with his right foot, he crossed his limits and immediately touched the injured area. Although the Mexican asked to continue, the strategist made the decision Take him off the field.

Bob Bradley Those on the bench decided that it would be better to remove him from the field, although Villa did not ask for this, which caused astonishment and annoyance for the player who asked for an explanation from the coach.

Later, while the match was broadcast in the United States, the coach said he did not understand the signal that Villa gave him: “Change is my responsibility, I did not understand Villa’s signals,” he said.

Although questioned the decision, he was unable to change it and was forced to sit on the bench, Also burned as the club’s first defense In a meeting he introduced In front of his fans. Carlos Candle Enter Season four with LAFC at MLS And he did so in the 22nd minute, which he played in the opening match.

The Mexican in a ball dispute with his LAFC team (Photo: Gary A. Vasquez / Reuters)
The Mexican in a ball dispute with his LAFC team (Photo: Gary A. Vasquez / Reuters)

Although a villa He was in the game for a few minutes, and his team performed really well. Mexican archer Pablo Cessniga He appeared as a rookie in the LAFC squad and was noted for his good performance avoiding damage from Austin attack.

Los Angeles sought to speed up their pace in the first half after confusion after the Mexican striker left, but none of the goals sustained damage and The match entered between the first half and the score tied to zero goals.

At first, the absence of the Mexican striker was notorious, as LAFC seemed to not find the spaces and Austin FC was standing well on the field, and he had more of the ball. But in the 61st minute, Corey Bird got help from Danny Mosovsky And they shot from outside the area to open the scoring for the angels.

Bob Bradley’s team continued to play offensively despite the advantage by the smallest difference, and in the final stage of the match, José Cifuentes sealed the team’s second goal victory at 90 + 1.

    Carlos Vela, LAFC striker star (Photo: Gustavo Becera / EFE / File)
Carlos Vela, LAFC striker star (Photo: Gustavo Becera / EFE / File)

On the other hand, a Cancun citizen, He has stated that he hopes to perform well throughout this season: “Every time the season starts I want to do well. For me, my club and the people who follow us. All the support they have given us is incredible, we are very grateful for so much love. Every time I go to the field I want to do something good until then.” Enjoy and take pride in one ”His words were during a press conference.

He wears Carlos Vela 71 matches, 57 goals and 30 assists. Although he was unable to win the title, they fell to Tigres in the AFC Champions League Final Concachampions, Crowned as 2019 season MVP He revealed that his partner, Diego Rossi, may be his successor: It’s about how you learn from me or how I can teach you to be a better player, and of course I will continue to advance, to keep improving. We are in a different situation. So I don’t feel we’re competing. “, In an interview with Los Angeles Times.

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