The phrase “Get out Tata!” appears. And they mock the three colors in the United States

The phrase “Get out Tata!” appears.  And they mock the three colors in the United States

The fans denounced Mexico’s performance in the friendly match against Uruguay to the point of demanding the departure of the Argentine coach.

The beating is over Uruguay against Mexicoin Phoenix, Arizona, and appeared “Get out, Dad!”. The Tricolor coach, along with the team, was booed from their game against Celeste, in Arizona, United States.

Mexico lost to Uruguay 3-0This raised the courage of the tricolor lovers. Edinson Cavani Scored two goals and another Vecino while Mexico It hardly generates opportunities to attack.

Show Mexico immediately caused a claim against Martino, and “Get out, Dad!”which was repeated only in the Azteca stadium, during the match, and is now repeated in the United States, where Mexican national team It is more “likeable”.

with him “Get out, Dad!”also bang against Tricolor, who can’t embarrass them Uruguayundefeated with Diego Alonso on the bench and preparing to bypass the Qatar World Cup 2022.

Criticisms also appeared on the social networking sites of the Argentine coach. There have been comments against Tata, to try five defenders instead of using the four defenders that normally line up.

The “Get out, Dad!” Set up 172 days before the World Cup and with players like Raul Jimenez Out of shape, missing a few obvious Mexico And without power in the midfield.

fans tricolorin the United States and Mexico, order out of Gerardo MartinoWhile in the Mexican Federation, they were keen on the arrival of the Argentine coach to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

For now, to Mexico He has at least six more matches left to prepare, to try to improve and forget the bad image he has left in recent matches, whether knockout matches or friendlies.

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