The Pope announced that he would appoint two women in the Archdiocese of Bishops

The Pope announced that he would appoint two women in the Archdiocese of Bishops

In an interview with Reuters news agency, Francis spoke about the appreciation of women in the Roman Curia and explained that for the first time two women will serve in the dicastry helping the Pope elect diocese priests.

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In an interview with Reuters, conducted by Phil Bolilla, Pope Francis revealed that he will appoint two women to the monastery of bishops, who will therefore be involved in the process of selecting new diocese priests. The Pope answered a question about the female presence in the Vatican, about what the new Apostolic Constitution “Evangelization” would reform the Curia, and about the offices that could be entrusted to a lay person or to a lay person in the future.

“I am open to the opportunity. Now in the county there is a deputy governor … Now, in the synod of bishops, in the commission for the election of bishops, there will be two women for the first time. The way.” Then Francis added that he sees in the future it possible to appoint lay people to lead the Drs such as the laity, family and life, culture and education, or the library, which is a quasi-religion.

Then Pope Francis reminded that last year, for the first time, he appointed a woman in second place in the Vatican Prefecture, Sister Raffaella Petrini. In addition, Francis appointed Sister Nathalie Piccoart, a French nuns missionary to Xavier, vicar of the Synod of Bishops, and Sister Alessandra Smirelli, Daughters of Mary Auxiliary Christians, as number two of the Department of Development Service. The whole human. Among the lay women who already hold high positions in the Vatican are Barbara Gatta, first woman director of the Vatican Museums, Natasha Goffkar, director of the Theological Pastoral Directorate of the Communications Directorate, and Christian Murray, deputy director of the Holy See Press Office. And in January 2020, a woman was appointed for the first time to the position of Under-Secretary of State for Relations with States and International Organizations, Francesca Di Giovanni, responsible for the multilateral sector. They were all appointed by the current Supreme Pontiff.

Last month, Cardinal Kevin Joseph Farrell, Dicastry’s Governor for Laity, Family and Life, joked that with the passage of Korea’s new constitution, he could be the last cleric to preside over that regency.

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