The Pope signed a letter of resignation in case of ill health

The Pope signed a letter of resignation in case of ill health

The Pope Francisco She first revealed it in an interview this sunday, december 18th to a Spanish newspaper that He signed a letter of resignation nearly a decade ago In the event that your health condition prevents you from performing your duties.

Franciscowho turned 86 years old on Saturday, He had already said that he would resign from the papacy in the event of health problems. prevent you from doing your job. “I have already signed my resignation in the event of a medical disability,” he said in an interview. Spanish ABC newspaper.

Francisco He explained that he signed the letter and delivered it in 2013 until then Minister of Foreign Affairs of the VaticanCardinal Tarcisio Bertonebefore his retirement.

I signed it and told him: In the event of a disability for medical or other reasons, here is my resignation. They already have,” he explained. Baba. In response to a question from the interviewer if he wanted this fact to be known, Francisco He said: That’s why I tell you.

Bob has slowed down his activities due to health issues

The Baba He has difficulty walking due to an inoperable knee problem that has forced him to wear shoes Wheel chair in the past few months. also They had to cancel or reduce their activities On several occasions over the past year due to pain.

In an interview last July, A.J Baba I realized that I needed to slow down. “I think that, at my age and with this constraint, I should conserve myself a bit to be able to serve the church. Alternatively, consider the possibility of stepping down.”

Francis’ predecessor, Benedict XVIHe resigned in 2013 due to health issues. He now lives in the Vatican City. In the interview, the Pope also said that he plans to travel to Marseille Next year to participate in Meeting of the Archbishopswhose date has not yet been determined.

“Maybe next year I will go to Marseille for the Mediterranean meeting,” he said. However, he made it clear that it would not be an official visit from the head of state Vatican in France. “I was in Strasbourgbut not for Francebut to visit institutions European UnionIn 2014, he recalls.

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