“The pressure made you hungry for records.”

  • Joshua Chiptege He broke the 5,000 and 10,000 meters world record in 2020 and aims to become an Olympian star
  • The Ugandan man believes that Tokyo “will be one of the most difficult races in human history.”

    “Listen to my mind and body, this is the secret of my success.” That is how blunt it is Joshua Chiptege, One of the best long distance runners in history, a record collector whose dream is now passing through Tokyo Olympics.

    Cheptegei (Kapchorwa, Uganda; 1996) wrote his name in golden letters in the history of international athletics in 2020 by snatching the Ethiopian Kennesa Bekele World record 5000 (Monaco. 12: 35.36) and 10,000 meters (Valencia. 26: 11.00). From his shelter in Kapchorwa camp (Uganda), about 300 kilometers east of the capital Kampala, and very close to the border with Kenya, an athlete from NN Running Team Attends EFE.

    Successes don’t distract you from your rigorous training routine. He wakes up at five in the morning and after half an hour he’s already walking. In the afternoon, he trains and goes to sleep around nine in the evening.

    Q: How is the start of this year, and how does the experience of the epidemic affect a professional like you?

    A: The year started very well. In 2021 we started the 5 km race in Monaco with victory (13:11). Not a world record, but I’m grateful to be able to start the year like this. It is an honor for me that the race organizers continue to invite me in these difficult times.

    What feelings did that mark leave you in Monaco?

    Racing in Monaco is always great for me. Seeing this stadium and the city gives me a special feeling. This last time there was a lot of wind and that is why the world record was not possible, but I am sure I will return to Monaco.

    Last year, he ran four races and set three records. How do you remember those successes over the course of the months?

    The year 2020 was amazing for me, especially because of world records (5,000 meters for track and road and 10,000 meters track). This success is a big motivation for me to do better this year. 2020 has given me the opportunity to chase records and 2021 has different dreams.

    Do you have any other record goals in mind for 2021?

    2021 is a different year because the Olympic Games are held and have them on the agenda.

    Are you passionate about games?

    My dream is to win the gold medal in Tokyo, but it will be one of the most difficult races in human history. I am honored to prepare well and hope my dream comes true.

    Every time he runs, he captivates all eyes. Is this pressuring you?

    I get a lot of attention and that also brings me a lot of pressure, but I’ve learned to use that attention and it’s pressure to gain more motivation and energy. Because of this pressure, you automatically search for more races, records or dreams for you to pursue. Keeps you hungry for more. The love for Uganda and the people of my country are also proud of me and this feeling also gives me a lot of motivation.

    What do you think is the secret of your success?

    The secret of my success is that I always listen to my mind and body. I never allow negative energy around me or in my team. We always approach situations with a positive mindset.

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