The priest died after being buried alive; I wanted to rise like Jesus Christ


Christian pastor James Sakara of Zion Church in Chidiza, Zambia, Africa convinced his followers that he could be resurrected like Jesus Christ, so he asked to be buried alive and assured that he would come back to life. In three days however, this did not happen.

Three church members helped the 22-year-old religious leader dig a grave and bury him with his hands tied. Three days passed and the young man did not come out of the grave, so they got out of it and found his dead body, which left many of his followers confused, according to local media.

The members of the devotees tried to revive him with spiritual exercises, but that did not help: Skara left this world.

After the case became known, the Zambian police filed charges against the three men who buried the priest. One of them is under arrest and the other two are fugitives from justice.

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