The report reveals that 2 out of 3 medical students question their future as good doctors

The report reveals that 2 out of 3 medical students question their future as good doctors

The Medscape Medical Student Lifestyle Report was conducted on a sample of 2182 medical students from the United States.

The study revealed that 4% of future physicians frequently question their future as physicians. Photo: ShutterStock.

The study showed that 4% of students have doubts about their choice to become a doctor, 15% express their concerns frequently and 44% sometimes think about it.

On the other hand, 27% of the students Respondents report that they rarely have doubts and 10% say they were not sure of their decision. By gender, women are 67% more likely than men, with 59% to express their doubts or concerns.

By courses, hmm the students From the third year those who express doubts even more than the students second-year, as well as fourth-year students, with 23 percent reporting often or persistently having doubts about their choice of study medicine.

What makes you doubt?

The report reflects evidence from life medicine, which is not always an easy path. The the students They express that the road may be fraught with obstacles and that the Covid-19 pandemic may have further complicated the situation. The students, surveyed between April 7 and May 22, 2022, also address topics such as medical debt, burnout, unwanted progress and bias.

“Every day I’m learning words I’ve never heard and whole new classes of diseases and medications that I never thought of, which makes me wonder if I’ll ever learn everything I need to be a good doctor,” Tyler says. , and is a junior and chapter president at Harvard Medical School.

“I often feel silly during my training, but I think that feeling is part of what keeps me trying,” he adds.

Did the covid virus affect your choice?

During the epidemic, 53% of the students He noted in 2020 that Covid-19 had strongly reinforced the determination to become a doctor. However, in this latest report, that same percentage has dropped to 40%.

Women, at 42%, are more likely to say the pandemic has strengthened or strengthened their resolve more strongly than men at 36%. on the other side, the students New students, 51%, are more likely to say the pandemic has boosted or strongly strengthened their resolve than their peers in the younger, 37%, and seniors, 36%.

Finally, about a third of those surveyed said that Covid had affected their choice of major.

How many schools? medicine there Puerto Rico?

Medical Sciences Campus: This is one of the most recognized, many years ago. It is located in the capital, San Juan

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