The Russian ambassador to the United States accuses Washington of “distorting the facts” about the expulsion of diplomats


Russia’s ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov, accused Washington of “distorting” reality on the expulsion of Russian diplomats from the North American country.

For Antonov, the US State Department is “again cunning.” “He is trying to elude public opinion nationally and internationally by deliberately distorting the facts.”

So he noted the words of Galina Porter, a spokeswoman for the State Department, who noted that the departure of 55 Russian diplomats from the country “cannot be considered a punitive measure.”

The administration of US President Joe Biden also made it clear that in the event of non-compliance with the requirements, “The immunity and other diplomatic privileges of Russian embassy workers will be withdrawn.”

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For Antonov, Washington’s position directly means the “actual expulsion” of Russian workers, according to information from the Russian news agency TASS. He regretted that “the United States is trying to limit Russia’s sovereign rights.”

Porter, meanwhileHe insisted that the United States only asks Russian diplomats the same as Moscow asks Americans. But he indicated that Washington would continue to discuss the matter with the Russian government.

The United States on Monday defended that the departure of 27 Russian diplomats from the country is not an “expulsion” because Moscow will be able to replace staff. However, on Saturday, Antonov Antonov reported the departure of 27 Russian diplomats stationed in the North American country with their families. “On January 30, 27 people will leave us with their families, and on June 30 a similar number will leave here,” he said.

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