The science and technology budget is insufficient to meet the challenges and needs posed by the sector in Mexico: Brasil Acosta


Brazilian Representative Alberto Acosta Peña (PRI), Secretary of the Commission on Science, Technology and Innovation, confirmed that although the draft Federation Expenditure Budget (PEF) 2022 sent by the federal executive proposes an increase in section 38 4 thousand 593.9 million pesos (mp) directed to science and technology, in relation to what was approved in 2021, this is “insufficient to meet the challenges and needs that science and innovation face in Mexico”.

In a statement, the parliamentarian stressed that the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the absolute need to promote the development of science, technology and innovation, in order to protect humanity with the generation of scientists conducting research that promotes social and human progress.

In addition, he noted that the estimated increase is still far from the investment of 1 percent of GDP that should be devoted to science and technology, so that “the increase that the PEF 2022 project expects, more than just an increase is a recovery if we also take into account the removal of confidence, The apparent expansion of the element would be less realistic.”

Therefore, he noted that he requested the Committee on Science, Technology and Innovation to incorporate into the opinion document for PEF 2022 the return of funds to guarantee multi-year projects in scientific activity, to increase resources for S190 programmes, from the National Council for Science and Technology (CONASET); In addition to the national strategic programs for science and technology and relations with the social, public and private sectors of CONASET.

In the field of postgraduate scholarships and quality support, he stated that he requested an increase of 13.442 million pesos compared to the 12.442 million pesos proposed by the Federal Executive, in order to “promote scientific development and search for greater possibilities for it. He stressed that students have more support to generate knowledge and build better community.

He reported that the estimates of the PEF 2022 project for science, technology and innovation resources are 55 thousand and 833.1 million pesos; However, compared to the resources allocated in 2021 of 53,139.1 million pesos, which is a decrease of -4.6 percent compared to the previous year, the 2022 estimate means an average annual growth rate (TMCA) of -0.4 percent between 2019-2022.

The state legislator for Mexico added that PEF 2022 does not reflect the resources needed to ensure compliance with the right to access science and technology, so “we will continue to promote that increases are reflected in the interest of Mexico and the progress . . . the scientific and technological required by our country.”

Photo: House of Representatives

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