The Science Behind the Gypsy and Paparazzi Pot: Fitur’s UMU Show


Murcia. The University of Murcia (UMU) Acted in International Tourism Fair (Vitor)Within the wing of the Murcia region. It has been in this space where José Manuel Lopez-Nicholas, Vice President for Transport and Scientific Publishing and Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyShow all attendees at this international event the science behind the region’s most famous dishes.

In kitchen controls, he was accompanied by the implementation of Lopez Nicholas’ recommendations Miguel Hernandez-Navarro from the restaurant By inheritanceAnd the It is located in the central neighborhood Santa Eulalia. Between them, they directed the scientific investigations of two typical dishes: The traditional gypsy bowl and the quintessential Moorish dessert, the paparagots.

Why soak chickpeas? What causes potatoes to turn black when chopped? Is lemon a source of vitamin C? López Nicolás answered these and other common questions in the kitchen, while performing the chemical processes behind the food, and the transformations that occur as it is cooked.

The presentation was supported by Presidency Councils, Councils of Tourism and Sports, Water, Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and the Environment, through the personality of advisers Marcus Ortono Soto and Antonio Lingo Zapata, respectively.

A preview of a 13-episode series

This gallery is a preview of the project Stomach scienceAnd the An audiovisual initiative for the Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit (UCC + i) with 13 chapters, Which will bring together some of the best chefs in the region of Murcia to speak with Lopez Nicholas about the most distinctive dishes on Earth and relate them to scientific disciplines, such as chemistry or physics, and in many cases it is not related to the table. This groundbreaking proposal combines the knowledge generated at UMU with the Center for Tourism Qualification (CCT) and Institute of Tourism of the Region of Murcia (ITREM) To increase gastronomic knowledge from a media perspective.

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