The second edition of the only global forum focused on women’s economy has concluded

The second edition of the only global forum focused on women’s economy has concluded

Women Economic Chile 2022 doubled connections last year, reaching more than 12,000 virtual attendees who joined the broadcast from Chile, the United States and Peru, as well as other Latin American countries, in its two days of posting online.

Economics with a gender approach

The opening of the World Economic Forum in Chile, in a hybrid fashion, saw about 7,000 telecommuting and 130 people present face-to-face, among whom were figures from the public and private worlds of Chile and Latin America.

“There will be no real economic revitalization in Chile and in the world if we do not include women through concrete, real and immediate actions,” Nicole Verdogo, director of the World Economic Forum in Chile and president of the Chamber of Women and Business, said in its opening. Speech to government authorities and company representatives such as Cencosud, Deloitte, Finning and others.

Verdogo also called for more shared responsibility in homes that would allow for women’s professional development. “It’s hard to think that women could develop in the workplace if there was no shared responsibility on the part of men for household chores and care in general: caring for children, the elderly and also the sick, areas in which women have historically taken responsibility,” she said.

On the other hand, Mining Minister Marcela Hernando said: (in the picture), to the importance of having the first parity government in the history of the country and the world. Pointing out that the government today is going through a critical moment regarding the appointment of directors. “There are ready-made women, senior professionals, and valuable resumes” to complete those positions.

Along the same lines, Minister Hernando stressed the importance of continuing to integrate women into economic development through training, by companies, vocational institutes, technical training centers and universities. “I advocate working together in the public and private sectors, as well as merging training institutes,” he said.

Finally, Undersecretary for the Economy Javiera Petersen said, “The economy of Chile and the world has been a historically difficult place for women, and progress in gender equality is not only a matter of justice, but of politics in line with the productive challenges of our country.”

Regarding the agenda of her sector, she has categorically emphasized that the mainstreaming of the gender agenda will be sought throughout the economy. “As a government, and from the Ministry of Economy, we seek to build an economic development plan that will be the result of a broad social dialogue, because we understand that development policies are state policies.”

The international delegation was led by Gladys Araujo, Global Vice President for Quality at Mattel de Mexico. Ana Maria Chuquihuanca, former Minister for Women’s Affairs of Peru; Sony Shark Tank ex Juliana Barreto from Colombia, among other foreign dignitaries.

The Women’s Economic Forum is held in 150 allied countries and has a global chamber (ALL LADIES LEAGUE) with 50,000 members to pursue women’s economic advancement initiatives. In addition, it generates connections with 250,000 women and supporters around the world allowing for the creation of networks and connections for women and the empowerment of entrepreneurship.

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