The Secretary of the Treasury rules out a recession in the United States

The Secretary of the Treasury rules out a recession in the United States

The Fears Increase by seeing the world’s leading economy sink into recession, at a time when Federal ReserveCentral Bank of the United States (Fed) Tightening of monetary conditions By force to curb demand and reduce inflation.

However, “there is no element that indicates a recession is coming,” Yellen estimates, arguing that “soft landing“That is, making inflation slow without pushing the economy into recession or weighing heavily on employment.

The Treasury secretary was also questioned about US rapper Cardi B, who wondered on Twitter on Sunday when the economy’s rush into recession would be announced.

“I don’t have much time for her, but I know her,” Yellen replied.

numbers have swelled It will be published on Friday and is expected to be even higher, although it may appear that slowing down It keeps.

in Aprilrise of the prices It has already slowed down, but by 8.3% In 12 months, it had fallen very close to its highest level in 40 years, and 8.5%registered in Walk.

To try to deal with inflation, the Fed raised its value twice interest rates To indicate the reduction of consumption and investment. These rates are now in the range between .75 to 1%.

The Fed is expected to continue raising half a percentage point on Wednesday during the next Monetary Policy Committee meeting.

With information from Reuters and Agence France-Presse

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