The serious challenge of lighting poplar fluff – Uno TV

The challenge puts the safety of the people who practice it and the surrounding community at risk. Photo: Agence France-Presse / Ilstrativa

On tik tok A serious challenge is gaining popularity that can endanger those who practice it, as well as the people around it. below in We tell you what it is.

Videos explaining what this topic is about are circulating on various social networks Serious viral challenge, which consists of setting fire to the Poplar fluff.

Although it looks like they are Funny and amazing videos By the way that fire consumes the fluff, it can lead to dangerous fires, such as those that arrived some vehicles.

Like many social media trends that are dangerous or involve actions that can jeopardize people’s integrity, many videos of young people enjoying these types of challenges are no longer available. But some survive.

in several localities Russia It is a place where it has gained great popularity due to the fact that poplar trees reign in the streets.

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