Spain bids farewell to the mask as of June 26

The use of masks abroad was imposed in Spain in May 2020. Photo: AFP

In Spain, citizens will be able to Stop wearing face masks outdoors from June 26In the footsteps of France. Just A day after the French forcibly stopped wearing the mask outdoors, boss For the government of Pedro Sanchez She declared that her citizens would be able to do the same.

“This will be the last weekend with the masks outdoors, because on June 26 we will not be wearing them in public. At a work event in Barcelona, ​​Sanchez announced that our streets and faces will regain their normal appearance in the next few days.

The Mask use abroad was enforced in Spain in May 2020, Only in the beginning when you can’t keep an extension Safe distance between people, although it later became public.

The health situation has improved with the approach of the northern summer that Spain hopes to start Bringing back millions of tourists lost by the epidemicPressure has increased to lift this measure, as France and Belgium have already done.

last April, The authorities had to correct and clarify that the law does not require the use of a mask to sunbathe on the beach or go to the seaBecause of the resulting rejection of this possibility, especially in coastal areas, which depend heavily on tourism.

Spain accounted for more than 80,000 deaths and 3.7 million injuriesBut the number of cases has declined in recent weeks as the vaccination campaign has progressed.

According to official figures, 47% of 47 million Spaniards have received at least one dose and about 29% are already fully vaccinated.

Spain already has a post-COVID recovery plan ready

Spain became one of the first countries in the European Union To obtain European Commission approval for its recovery plans, Financed by an unpublished syndicated loan It aims to overcome the devastating economic consequences of the epidemic.

With the economy particularly hard hit by the pandemic, Spain will be the second largest beneficiary, after Italy, of the massive recovery plan 750 billion euros (about 910 billion dollars), was heavily negotiated by 27 until its adoption in July 2020.

Madrid must Receiving 70 billion euros in direct grants, and many others in the form of loansA total of 140 billion euros ($170 billion).

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