The shortage of medical professors is worrying

The shortage of medical professors is worrying

The Medical Profession Forum requires a unique system to access the degree

September 29, 2022. 1:47 pm

The An alarming shortage of medical teachers It jeopardizes current college training. This was announced by the Medical Profession Forum at its meeting today, Wednesday.

Given the ever-spreading message of a physician shortage, forum organizations want to warn that the focus is being put in the wrong place. and that is , It is pointless to increase the educational offer of a medical degree if you do not have teachers Enough medication. All this is added to Creating new colleges is unjustified According to academic or health standards.

And at the same meeting, he was also asked Implementation of a system similar to MIR, for one area for the entire geography, to access medical vacancies in colleges. However, not all places available in some centers are filled. Thus, they consider it necessary to make an improvement in the entire training process, to adapt the places available for obtaining the degree with the provision of resources. In this sense, it is necessary to encourage and recognize the work of teachers as an essential piece for the promotion and improvement of specialized health training.

There is a shortage of 3800 professors of medicine

Along these lines, last January the Forum echoed reports from the National Conference of Deans of Medical Schools (CNDFM). They indicated that there are The inability of 3800 medical professors to teach the 44 degrees that are taught at the national level. In this way, it will be necessary to integrate 410 teachers into each course. But the number of accredited does not reach a hundred. In addition, the increased presence of non-medical faculty in the medical degree is confirmed.

Finally, Forum organizations expressed their support for the CESM’s requirement to hold sector meetings. In these, an amendment to the framework statute is negotiated, with the union demanding a specific bylaw for the physician and medical staff.

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