The teacher is looking for a student to see if she is of legal age and can go out with her

The teacher is looking for a student to see if she is of legal age and can go out with her

that Teacher It can bring out the best in people and encourage them to follow their dreams, to become true mentors and friends; However, some of them transcend The border What could be in this kind of relationship?

This was revealed by a young woman from TikTok named Makayla, who shared a profile strange message She received it from one of her former high school teachers, who reached out to her via Twitter.

In this way, in the screenshot that he posted on this social network, it can be read that the man asks him if he has already reached the legal age, and if so, if he so desires go out with him.

Hi Makayla, I hope life treats you well after graduation. I’m just curious if you’re 21 and interested in having a few drinks with you sexy former teacher from history. “I look forward to hearing from you,” he told her.

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Showing the man’s letter, Makela recalled that he had met him during his time in high school; However, I never gave it to him lessons to her.

The 20-year-old also commented that she had already spoken to him and that, in addressing him, she had never felt that something was wrong; But, despite this, he decided check more About the teacher, he is now 27 years old, especially if he is married.

Because of the above he replied to the message, and they exchanged cell phone numbers and started it Modern; However, McKella was disappointed in the teacher, because it was not as interesting as it seemed.

“I was going to post a screenshot, but (teacher) it’s boring… it really is. “I’m not planning to have any kind of relationship with this guy, I couldn’t,” she said in the video.

youth story went viral quickly and caused various comments against what the teacher had done, since they did not see it right for him to send the letter to his former student, and even pointed out that It can be molested.

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