The thief falls from the second floor. They took him unconscious – Noticieros Televisa


In social networks, a file is recorded robo That had a dramatic ending. In the video you can see how The thief falls from a second floor and knocks on him, unconscious. His partner had to drag him into the car, where they fled.

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The theft and the unfortunate accident occurred in the early morning of Saturday 10 April in Bogotá, Colombia. On a street in Kennedy town, three men got out from a taxi.

One of them entered Its origin Where the theft took place and From the window he threw stolen things at them.

From the second floor, he threw a TV set, an electric guitar and a bag of potentially valuable items at them. The other two thieves put everything stolen in the taxi.

However, at the end of the video, The thief falls from the second floor. Due to the heavy blow on the head, he is unconscious on the sidewalk. What’s more, A window fell over him.

The second floor window through which he was throwing things was assumed to have expired. One of the other thieves had to do that Pull it and load it to place it in the front seat For the car.

Warning: The sensitive images are below.

Until now, It is not known if the thief survived or received medical attention. According to what was reported by the newspaper Time, The authorities have asked the complainants to file a complaint about the theft.

The vehicle in which the theft was carried out is rented from a taxi company. The company is cooperating with Bogota police to arrest those involved.

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