The couple finds a poisonous snake in a bag of lettuce


A terrible surprise that a couple from Sydney took, at AustraliaWhen he opened the packages they had bought at the home supermarket, he realized that something else was moving in the bag the lettuce came from. It was rare poisonous snake Pale head.

Fortunately, the animal did not attack the couple and was removed from the bag by an expert in this species.

The snake that got to the side of the lettuce has been listed by experts as a young, pale-headed species.Hoplocephalus bitorquatus. It was put in the bag with the vegetables that Alexander White and his partner Amelie Nate bought from the local Aldi supermarket on Monday.

“He was moving and sticking out his little tongue,” White told British media. Watchman. “It was his tongue that was actually the one that told me it wasn’t a giant worm. Honestly, I would have felt more comfortable with a worm.”

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The creeper, which is about 8 inches long, is thought to have slept quietly next to a lettuce in the supermarket freezer until White took it and pulled it out of its artificial hibernation. What then caused chills to the buyer of the package was that he stuffed the lettuce bag with the snake in his bag and carried it on his bike for 10 minutes that separated him from the house.

White said, “We didn’t have a cart, so we decided to put the goods in the backpack. That, in hindsight, scares me a little.”

When they unpacked their groceries, the crawler tucked its head between the two lettuce plants that had obtained eggs and there they decided to contact a wildlife rescue. Wire, Who told them that the animal could belong to the eastern brown species, which is one of the most poisonous and aggressive species in Australia.

But, fortunately for the couple, the diagnosis was wrong. After reviewing the many photos that the Whites had taken of their unexpected visitor, they realized that he was pale-headed. Regardless, without being too dangerous, the Wires specialist told the couple it was a “medically important” animal.

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“I thought this meant it had medicinal properties,” White joked. But this clearly means that if they bite you, you have to travel to the hospital. ”“ They bite over and over again upon provocation, ”Nate said, to make a little better of what they saved themselves by going to Wires.

The Australian Museum – which has a section on its website that perfectly describes what every insect may appear in the country and what precautions should be taken – reports that this snake is a “shy but nervous type” and this, although it did so did not cause any Mortality, “Poisoning can produce unpleasant symptoms, such as severe headache, blurred vision and abnormal bleeding.”

Despite their fear, White and Nette spent time recording the animal and sending the pictures over a video call to their children, who were not at home. All of this, of course, while they are waiting for the expert to arrive. Even the couple’s man indicated the snake was “very cute.”

A snake and lettuce were placed inside A. TopperWith the cap open slightly so that the animal does not die from suffocation. A wiring wizard for these animals arrived at the couple’s house at night, and brought out the reptiles that were transported in a box specially designed for this species. Leave the lettuce in the container.

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“I ate the lettuce,” White said the next day. “I washed it well. There were some things that I decided were snake poo, but I washed everything and made myself a salad today. I think the lesson from that is always washing the lettuce.”

As a sign of Australia’s respect for its animals, the Aldi supermarket chain reports that they will discover, by consulting a lettuce producer, where the trade has come from and that they will then be repatriated.

“We have worked with the customer and the Wires team to determine where this snake naturally inhabits, which is clearly not one of our stores,” an Aldi spokesperson said, adding that they would investigate how such a particular incident happened. It fell in one of its buildings.

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