“The Third World After the Sun”, Latin American Science Fiction Anthology

“The Third World After the Sun”, Latin American Science Fiction Anthology

Valencia. You open your eyes: it is early in the morning and the world is unfolding before you. for you. First you see the ceiling or the wall, the device that makes sharp sounds to bring you out of sleep or insomnia, your hand, your arms, the bed, the clothes on the chair, your knees and feet, the path to the kitchen where the cat meows hungry and the one that leads to the bathroom, to the bathroom. You left your clothes next to the pile to save a few minutes, and so, every once in a while, to be able to have breakfast while reading the news you feed Of all those published twenty of the media I choseThey come from different countries and feelings. After a year and a half of reading it, the current plot seems too small to you. The application window makes you claustrophobic: the truth is that the news it presents to you is either banal or suspiciously similar. You need a bigger window for the winds of different teams to blow through. Balcony. smashed the wall What you see in the world no longer seems enough to you, quite the opposite. Much is left outside the frame. What is left inside of you you have seen so many times that it seemed so strange and unreal. Like when you stare at yourself in the mirror too much and suddenly you don’t recognize yourself: the person in front of you looks like you, but it’s not you, so much so that you think he will at any moment break ties with you and will do something that reveals your mismatch, perhaps a slight twitching of the eyelid or Eyebrow you haven’t experienced to completely shatter existence.

The world we framed, or the framed world we grew up in, is shrinking dramatically. This reduction occurs everywhere because there are national or cultural interests everywhere and because no one can assimilate the whole world, although it happens that the dominant discourses end up impoverishing the landscape in their tendency to erase the rest. That’s why you’re closing a file feed And you’re looking at schedules Wild and chaotic they try not to repeat, but like Ozymandias, in their randomness, they reveal what is hidden from you. And it shows. book. The Third World After the Sun, A Latin American Science Fiction Anthology. It grabs you with an old magnetic rope that pops from the cover’s stunning illustration Luis Carlos Barragán To catch your astral self, take it out and swallow it. Collected with great success by the Colombian Rodrigo Bastidasstories Jorge Bradet (Chili pepper), Luis Carlos Barragán (also cover artist), Alberto Chimal (Mexico), Gabriela Damien Miravit (Mexico), Fabio Fernandez (Brazil), Miles Gonzalez (Cuba), Teresa B. Mira de Echeverría (Argentina), Laura Pons (Argentina), Giovanna Rivero (Bolivia), Juan Manuel Robles (Peru), Solange Rodriguez Pappe (Ecuador), Ramiro Sanchez (Uruguay), Susan Sussman (Venezuela) and Eileen Villar Early morning (Cuba). An eclectic collection of phenomenal quality from the first page of the first story to the last of the last showing that science fiction was definitely written in Latin America, and that the classification of science fiction fits perfectly with traditions other than Anglo-Saxon—or Slavic, as science fiction was best developed at the time Too early. Indeed, it is very fitting, when writing this in a European home, that one should suffer from not reading it much more than what is written in Latin America. the anthology’s first story, The magical conquest of AmericaWritten by Paradet, it strikes differently if read from Spain.

The story is extraordinary, there was nothing else better to start with. It starts this way: Lost in a dingy and dark hall among the labyrinths of Seville, drowning among papers and chips softened by the suffocating summer heat, a gangster weeps as he embraces his little mahogany desk. Calculations as endless and complex as the city itself finally lead to a solution that flashes before his eyes. In the light of a full choir of angels: The proper history of the conquest of America flashes before his eyes clean and perfect under a complex number sequence blurred again and again. It is the year 1227, and there is a long way to go and a lot of preparation. The existence of this new world was discovered only two centuries ago of time. The media network that monitored the known world sensed a new type of consciousness colonizing important regions of the astral plane and raised the alarm.. They discovered that unknown and powerful mechanics stirred up circular structures within the folds of the planet’s mind, as if another continent had appeared with extraordinary momentum. amazing.

Another example, also unusual, is Les pi’yemnautasBy Teresa P. Myra. Two brothers on the banks of a river contemplating the vast universe. They discover their secrets through the eyes of a woman like a mother to them, their guide and shaman, town healer, and one of the best astronomers in South America. “A professor in rags has lectured in seven languages ​​on the World Wide Web and chanted incantations to drive away the blues in her native language.” The two brothers grow up and receive a mission: to get as close as possible to the supermassive black hole in the center of the galaxy, where the minimum distance entails the maximum time, and possibly a sentence to eternity. The development of this story is great. Hard to decide from any stories The third world after the sun Speak to a limited extent. We can talk about the fourteen, about Beautiful thoughts like this one from Giovanna Rivero when she says: “Within him, in his ears, in the blind arch of his palate, deep in his increasingly emaciated armpits, silence has found its nest.”, or this reminder of Juan Manuel Robles, who invokes the power of imagination to create realities: “It happens like this, doesn’t it? Today’s technology mimics the dreams of yesterday.” The world is not a universe, but it is also vast: it contains endlessly different points of view. There is still tremendous scope for exploration. You have to broaden your outlook, widen the window, visualize yourself in search of a new future. This is definitely what is needed. Who knows tomorrow.

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