The Treasury Department highlights that Standard & Poor’s has approved the credit rating


Rating agency Standard & Poor’s has affirmed Mexico’s sovereign debt rating at BBB.

In this sense, the SHCP demonstrated that the prudent macroeconomic policies implemented by Mexico supported creditworthiness and maintained investor confidence and access to capital markets, even during periods of global adversity.

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The Finance Ministry detailed this rating’s conclusions in the 2021 Reviews, in which Mexico has been certified by rating agencies that assess its sovereign debt.

In addition, he said that they expect, in the following years, responsible management of public finances and debt, which will allow maintaining a moderate fiscal deficit and stable debt.

It should be noted that Standard & Poor’s (S&P) has certified Mexico’s sovereign debt rating at BBB, with a negative outlook.

Standard & Poor’s stressed that prudence in managing public finances during the pandemic has enhanced macroeconomic and financial stability, allowing the country’s economic indicators to perform better than other similar economies.

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