The UASLP College of Medicine stands out in EGEL-MEDI nationwide

The UASLP College of Medicine stands out in EGEL-MEDI nationwide

For the first time, the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi Faculty of Medicine (UASLP) has achieved more than 100% in the Certificate of Satisfactory Performance (TDS) and more than 50% in the Certificate of Distinguished Performance (TDSS) in the General Examination for Medicine (EGEL), so it is just around the corner. to 1Plus in Mexico, a place no medical school has ever achieved.

Although the Faculty of Medicine of the UASLP has always remained in the first places in the EGEL, the graduates of the 2018-2022 generation achieved 100% on the TDS level for the second time and more than 50% on the TDSS level, so maintaining this behavior in the next exam, you will make The college is the first in the country to achieve 1PLUS in EGEL-MEDI.

In UASLP, the 2021 results show that there are 25 programs on the registry corresponding to all academic entities: seven at Level 1Plus, 13 at Level 1 (where the medical school is located) and five at Level 2.

The General Examination for Exiting a Degree in General Medicine (EGEL-MEDI) is an examination intended to determine whether graduates of a degree in general medicine or related positions have the knowledge and skills to begin effectively in practice.

The Faculty of Medicine in 1999 established the EGEL-MEDI exam as a condition for taking the entrance exam, which has now been replaced by the Structured Objective Clinical Examination (ECOE) and with it the degree.

The EGEL Register of High Academic Performance Programs consists of undergraduate programs from institutions of higher education that register a high percentage of their graduates with satisfactory or outstanding results in the University Graduation General Examination. The program’s inclusion in this registry is based exclusively on the percentage of graduates who achieve a satisfactory performance (TDS) or outstanding performance (TDSS).

To perform the calculation, CENEVAL has created a national indicator called “Indicador de Desempeño Académico por Programas de Licenciatura” (IDAP), based on an algorithm that uses the proportions of graduates with excellent, satisfactory results or no degrees at the national level and the program in question.

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