The United States and China have shared data about their missions to Mars

The missile carrying the Chinese Tianwen-1 Mars spacecraft “was seen after takeoff in Wenchang, Hainan Province, China, on July 23, 2020. EFE / EPA / STR

When their probes headed to Mars, China and the United States held consultations earlier this year in a series of extraordinary exchanges between the two rival countries.

The China National Space Agency Wednesday confirmed that he was Hafiz Business meetings and communications with NASA Between January and March “To ensure aviation safety” Of their spaceships.

US law prohibits almost everything Communications between NASA and China regarding concerns about technology theft And to get The Secret Nature of the Beijing Space ProgramSupported by his army.

Exceptions can be made when NASA can certify to Congress that they have all safeguards in place to protect your informationActing Director of the US Space Agency said, Steve GoerchekAt a video conference last week.

Jurczyk indicated that the last exchange was when China has provided orbital and other data on its mission to Mars To be able to analyze Collision risk.

“We have a specific obligation to them.”As he claimed.

Ken Powersox, Acting Administrator of NASA's Manned Space Mission Program, and Acting Officer Steve Goerchick during Space X launch (NASA / Joel Kozky / via REUTERS)
Ken Powersox, Acting Administrator of NASA’s Manned Space Mission Program, and Acting Officer Steve Goerchick during Space X launch (NASA / Joel Kozky / via REUTERS)

His comments were first reported by the site Space News.

It will depend on the president’s government, Gurczyk added Joe Biden And from Congress to determine whether and how the United States will engage China in non-military space activities as part of its overall strategy towards the Asian giant.

Mars’ orbit is crowded this year after the arrival of probes from the United States, China and the United Arab Emirates.

Hitchhiker Determination NASA landed on Mars in February and exploration work began. Chinese probe, Tianwen -1, Sailing around the planet in preparation for landing in May or June. One in the Emirates is only in orbit and will not land.

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