The United States and the European Union agree on a council to drive the transition to clean energy


The European Commissioner for Energy, Qadri Simpson, and the US Secretary of Energy, Jennifer Granholm, agreed on Thursday to hold a session Energy Board Between the European Union and the United States, they announced after holding the first “excellent” hypothetical meeting on energy cooperation.

In particular, the meeting focused on Transition to clean energy, Community sources told “Evi” that the cooperation between the two blocs is “a global work on the world stage.”

One of the areas of common interest that they want to work in the most is increase it renewable, The development of clean hydrogen, the fight against methane emissions, the promotion of cooperation between companies and the promotion of clean energy pathways in developing countries.

Both parties stressed the need for a fair transition Create job opportunities With the end of the use of fossil fuels. They also agreed to communicate regularly, including before international events take place.

The Commission indicated that the European Union and the United States have committed We work together “To face the climate crisis and implement the Paris Agreement,” he stressed that energy will have “a central role in reducing emissions and achieving climate neutrality, through a greater proportion of renewable energies, increasing energy efficiency and new technologies.”

“The United States is a major partner of the European Union in Just a transmission In investment, innovation and job creation in the energy sector, “the Executive Council stressed the community.

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