The United States calls for the election processes to be respected on Sunday in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia | International | News


This is what the foreign minister indicated in that country.

On Friday, the President of International Relations of the United States urged that the weekend elections in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia be “fair, free and peaceful.”

“I wish the citizens of Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru successful elections on April 11 that will be fair, free, accessible and peaceful,” he said in a statement collected. France Press agency , Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken.

Amidst the pandemic and crisis, Peru and Ecuador hold presidential elections on Sunday and Bolivia hold a second round of elections to elect the governors of La Paz, Tarija, Chuquisaca and Pando.

In the case of Peru, there is no female candidate in the elections and no candidate exceeds 10%, according to the latest opinion polls published in the country, which since 2018 has seen four presidents passed.

On the other hand, Ecuador is in a close second round between left-wing candidate Andres Arause – Dolphin former president Rafael Correa – and right-wing banker Guillermo Laso.

Blinken noted that respect for results, fundamental freedoms, and accountability must go hand in hand with a “free and fair” vote.

“Democracy flourishes when citizens and governments actively promote equality before the law and human rights for all,” the senior official added.

Blinken added that in the Americas and other regions, history shows that “societies that follow an undemocratic path find it difficult to reclaim their lost land.”

The US ambassador to Ecuador, Michael Fitzpatrick, said he joined his president’s request and expressed his hope that all the heroes would be patient so that the official results of the CNE would be known.


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