The United States closes out 2022 as the leading supplier of natural gas to Spain

The United States closes out 2022 as the leading supplier of natural gas to Spain

United State 2022 ended as The main supplier of natural gas in SpainAnd Grab the historical lead of Algeriain a year in it Spanish exports nearly doubled Compared to the previous year in a context marked by the energy crisis resulting from the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

According to the December Enagás Statistical Bulletin, Spain imported a total of 128,749 GWh in 2022 – All methane carriers are in the form of liquefied natural gas (LNG) – which is 28.8% of the total, more than double that of the previous year.

behind stood Algeriawhat with 106,399 GWh to focus 23.8% of gas imports to Spain, although its contribution has been reduced by 40% compared to 2021.

behind the Low imports from Algeria Have been found closure of the gas pipeline between the Maghreb and Europe (GME), Which brought gas from Algeria through Morocco, due to the diplomatic dispute between the two Maghreb countries, and the problems with the Spanish government regarding the sovereignty of Western Sahara.

Nigeria concentrate 13.9% of natural gas imports, with 61,904 GWhorn 30% more than a year agoWhile Russia increased its imports by about 45%. (53,859 GWh), just over 12% of what Spain received in 2022 despite the conflict with Ukraine, prompting the European Union to search for new suppliers.

Spain also imported natural gas in 2022 from countries such as France, Egypt, Trinidad and Tobago, Qatar, Equatorial Guinea, Oman, Portugal, Cameroon and Angola. Overall, Spain’s gas imports increased by 7% in 2022, reaching 446,550 GWh.

It also leads the United States in December

in December, The United States also led gas imports With 12,552 GWh and 32.9% of the total, ahead of Algeria (9,606 GWh), Russia (5,453 GWh), Nigeria (2,772 GWh) and Egypt (2,474 GWh). In the last month of 2022, gas from Trinidad and Tobago, Qatar, Cameroon, Mozambique, Portugal and France reached Spain.

of the volume received by Spain in December, 72.9% arrived in the form of liquefied natural gasWhile the remaining 27.1% entered through gas pipelines, maintaining last year’s trend.

Exports are multiplying

the Natural gas exports in all its forms doubled in 2022, to reach 35.4 TWh through the two existing connections with France. For its part, the tonnage of LNG vessels increased by 45%, from 17.2 TWh in 2021 to 24.9 TWh in 2022, which represents the third highest historical value.

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