The United States cuts a proposal for a global minimum rate for companies


May 21, 2021 | 11:27 am

The fromBartamento fromto treasure The United States proposed a tax from Global minimum taxes for companies from 15% during international tax negotiations, retracted from Your previous request from floor fromTo 21%.

The fromManagement said the proposal was made at a meeting fromFor group steering from Taxes from Cooperation and Organization fromEconomic development (OCfrom) On corrosion from Tax base and transfer from earnings.

The Treasury Department has proposed to the steering group that the minimum global tax rate be at least 15%. The Treasury Department stressed that 15% is the minimum and that discussions should continue to be ambitious and push that rate higher.

The department said in a statement

the Secretary fromto treasure The United States, Janet Yellen, first proposed a global tax floor in April from the societyfroms from21% as part from Suggestion or offer from Spending on Infrastructure fromI took itfromLike Joe BifromN, from 2.2 trillion from Dollars, which will be financed largely by tax increases on US corporationsfromNesis al-28% fromsfrom Current 21%.

Some countries, especially France and Germany, supported the US proposal.fromif from Lower rate fromFor 21%, but other countries get itfromRron level fromvery high.

The fromPrevious bats from OCfrom On the minimum tax they focused on 12.5%, which is what Ireland applies.

The fromBartamento fromto treasure Officials said from Library from Fiscal policy was “encouraged by the positive reception.” from Your suggestions and progress is unprecedentedfromBefore this is done towards the foundation from A global minimum tax. “

Washington has proposed global minimum taxes as a method from Reduce impact from The highest American taxes on competitiveness from State companiesfromnses and bend them from Transferring operations or profits to lower tax jurisdictions.

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