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Government The United States will donate another 3 million COVID-19 vaccines to Colombia, It is added to the 2.5 million doses of Janssen received on July 1, Chancellor and Vice President Marta Lucia Ramirez said Friday.

I thank President Joe Biden’s team for confirming the additional donation of vaccines (3 million) to accelerate vaccination and revitalize our economy.said Ramirez, who is visiting the United States.

The senior official, who did not specify the type of pharmaceutical vaccines, added that “The solidarity of the United States reaffirms trust and cooperationWith the government of President Evan Duque.

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on July 1 Duque received 2.5 million vaccines against Covid-19 from pharmaceutical company Janssen, Donated by the US government. Those vaccines arrived in Bogota aboard a Boeing 767 Jupiter of the Colombian Air Force (FAC), which I picked up in Memphis, USA.

Vaccination in Colombia

Colombia applied for more than 20.6 million doses of coronavirus vaccines since February, When he launched his national immunization plan.

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The goal of the plan is to vaccinate 35.2 million people this year, equivalent to 70% of the country’s population, to achieve herd immunity.

In all, 8’305,787 people actually received the full scheme, either with two doses of Pfizer, Sinovac or AstraZeneca (7’764,865) or with a single dose of Janssen (540,922).

he is called. Until now, 23.6% of Colombians the government hopes to vaccinate this year have a full vaccination plan, These also represent 16.49% of the country’s total population.

According to Health Minister Fernando Ruiz, A decrease was observed in the third peak of the Covid-19 epidemic, The one that’s been hitting the country since April and that’s been the deadliest and longest-lived, but he cautions against letting it go.

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And Ruiz explained, Friday, that the numbers of injuries and deaths decreased compared to those recorded in recent weeks, when the country exceeded 33,000 cases in one day and recorded 754 deaths in one day.


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