The United States Expects Severe Sanctions On China If It Attacks Taiwan – 07/04/2022

The United States Expects Severe Sanctions On China If It Attacks Taiwan – 07/04/2022

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said Wednesday that the United States is considering sanctions against China, similar to those it is taking against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, if it attacks Taiwan’s sovereignty.

The Treasury Secretary appeared before the House Financial Services Committee and was questioned by Republican Patrick McHenry, who called for sanctions against high-ranking Chinese officials in the event of aggression against Taiwan, such as those adopted against the Russian oligarchy. “We have already shown that we can. In the case of Russia, we have threatened serious consequences and imposed dire consequences. They should not question our ability or our resolve to do the same in other situations,” Yellen replied.

The Minister indicated that she had already imposed sanctions on China On other issues, such as “provocations” in Hong Kong, but admitted she was “concerned” about what might happen in Taiwan.

Chinese warning

For its part, China stressed, yesterday, that the recent announcement of Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom to cooperate in the development of hypersonic weapons “increases the arms race”, which is why “the countries of Asia must be very vigilant.”

“On the pretext of the crisis in Ukraine or maintaining security in the Asia-Pacific region, these countries have now come together to cooperate in developing hypersonic weapons. Well, this will only increase the risk of nuclear proliferation and intensify the arms race,” said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian. .

“Asian countries should be very vigilant” after the recent announcement by these three countries that they form a security alliance that Qinpa had previously referred to as “NATO in the Pacific,” Zhao Lijian said.

In one of his recent speeches, Foreign Minister Wang Yi criticized the establishment of the agreement and asserted that it goes against “the peace spirit of the countries of that region.”

The real goal of US Pacific strategy is to create a copy of NATO. This is a region that wants development and cooperation, it is not a chessboard. “China rejects any attempt to create circles of influence,” the Chinese diplomat said in March.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, US President Joe Biden and British President Boris Johnson, in a joint statement this week, said they were “satisfied” with the progress made since the defense pact was struck. last September.

AUKUS aims to keep the Indo-Pacific region “free and open,” and its launch meant Australia was able to develop nuclear submarines. (With information from EFE)

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