The United States has warned its citizens of the risk of traveling to Venezuela due to COVID-19 and the restrictions of the Maduro regime

Maiquetia Airport, Caracas

The United States alerted its citizens of The risk of traveling to Venezuela due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the arrest of US citizens Without judicial guarantees.

Do not travel to Venezuela because of the detention of US citizens without guarantees of a fair trial or a fair trial And under the pretext of an illegal purpose. Don’t travel due to crime, civil protests, poor health infrastructure, kidnappings, and COVID-19US diplomacy said in a statement.

The US State Department usually issues travel alerts to inform its citizens of the safety of the countries they plan to travel to.

In the case of Venezuela, The US diplomat reported that the travel warning remains at Level 4, the highestAnd where the consular services advise against traveling due to the “high potential for life-threatening risks”

Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro (Jhonn Zerpa / Prensa Miraflores / DPA)
Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro (Jhonn Zerpa / Prensa Miraflores / DPA)

This alert system has four levels, with Level 1 being the lowest, where Americans should take “normal precautions”.

The United States uses Level 2 to ask its citizens to “pay more attention” and it uses Level 3 to warn of more dangerous situations in which the CEO advises Americans to reconsider travel to the country in question.

US President Joe Biden’s government yet It has not adjusted its policy towards Venezuela Compared to his predecessor Donald Trump (2017-2021), he still recognizes the opposition leader as interim president Juan GuaidóWhich was announced as such in January 2019 with US support.

Last February, the Biden administration indicated that it did not expect to establish direct contact with the Nicolas Maduro regime “in the short term,” and indicated that it continued to recognize Guaidó as its interlocutor.

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