The United States is accelerating its economic growth by up to 10%


The year 2020 was negative in global health, economic and social matters The United States has not escaped this reality. The US economy fell 3.5% last year, its worst year since 1946. However, with the arrival of 2021, a new phase for the American Union begins.

Joe Biden takes office with optimistic economic outlook. The latest forecast from the central bank shows economic growth of 4.2% in 2021, as well as an expected drop in the unemployment rate to 6.3%, compared to the 8.4% that was initially estimated.

Pointer GDP now Produced by the Federal Reserve Board of Atlanta and tracking data in real-time to estimate changes in the GDP of the United States, it currently expects a 10% advance for the first three months of the year. All this thanks to the arrival of vaccines and the speedy immunization process That starts to show an interesting horizon for the US economy.

These numbers, along with an increase in savings of nearly $ 4 trillion, indicate that the US economy is not only growing strongly, but is set to continue on this path throughout the year. Interest rates in the United States affect most financial markets in emerging economies, including Colombia. Therefore, for investors in Colombia and Latin America, not only should initial fears of a possible recession in the United States be eliminated, but the data show that the economy is growing, despite the continued spread of the epidemic, ”says Edgar Polido, of the Colombian offices Latam signs in the United States.

The information distributed by the US Congressional Budget Office last week leaves no doubt: the outlook and the current situation are much better than expected.

Officials said the improvement in conditions was due to large sectors of the economy adapting to the epidemic better and faster than originally expected. This was made possible by the $ 900 billion economic aid package approved by Congress in December, which provided support through loans to small businesses, unemployment insurance, and direct and indirect aid to the states.

“The Congressional Budget Office has reported that the US economy is expected to return to pre-pandemic size by the middle of this year, even if Congress does not approve more federal aid,” says Boldo.

Additionally, Biden increased Pay for health care expenses through state Medicaid insuranceThat allowed about $ 44.5 billion in to the states and the US Federal Reserve kept interest on loans at zero, giving companies a respite. The data gives great optimism: The Budget Office does not see signs of increasing inflation and the Federal Reserve expects it to be less than 2% in the coming years.

On the other hand, the standalone accounts for The Brookings Institution predicted last week another dose of economic aid like Biden’s $ 1.9 trillion package He wants to launch it, it will be a big boost for the economy to grow rapidly, surpassing its previous path to the epidemic at the end of the year.
Either way, with or without a new economic injection, what has arrived in the United States is a dose of optimism, which is still a change in the stalemate of what happened in 2020 and a great benefit to those who wish to invest in American soil.

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