The United States is ahead of Chile for the World Cup ticket

The United States is ahead of Chile for the World Cup ticket

The United States defeated Chile minimally (22-21) in the first leg of the 2023 Rugby World Cup “Americas 2” qualifier, which was held on Saturday in Santiago on muddy ground due to torrential rain, a “very old” duel match. “.

The Eagles won the first leg of the showdown against Chile with three attempts from Christian Dyer (5′), Joe Tofetti (44) and Capelli Biveletti (73), two of which were converted by captain AJ MacGinty, who is also a penalty kick recorder.

Chilean Condores scored two attempts, by Rodrigo Fernandez (51) and one in the last second by Santiago Videla (78), converting and three penalties from Videla and left the confrontation completely open.

The return leg will take place on Saturday, July 16 in Denver (USA).

The winner of the draw will move to Group D along with England, Argentina, Japan and Samoa. The loser will still have one last chance in the final tournament at the end of the year against Portugal, the winner of the Asia-Pacific Match 1 (Hong Kong or South Korea) and the winner of the African Cup. Nations (Namibia or Kenya).

The winner of this match will move to Group C along with Wales, Australia, Fiji and Georgia.

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