The Condor narrowly fell to the United States and left the qualifying series open

The Condor narrowly fell to the United States and left the qualifying series open

The Condor narrowly lost to the United States, 21-22in a historic match at Santa Laura Stadium, leaving a streak 2023 World Cup play-off in France.

The match was played in heavy rain.which did not stop at any point during the match, and which even caused an A power outage halted the match in the second half.

Chile started very nervous, taking five penalty kicks at the start of the match and wear at 7-0 downcausing inconvenience to the technical team, as it was clearly not planned.

However, using two transformations between posts, The national team shortened the distances and went to rest with a weak pointbut with a clear sense of improvement.

after the break, Chile overcame a difficult new start in a fantastic way attempt by Rodrigo Fernandez Then another shift between the poles, By Santiago Videla, Pablo Lemoine’s team took the lead for the first time In the match with a score of 14-12.

However, in Creole’s best moments: power outages and no commitment for more than 20 minutescausing damage to the locals in return, which means losing the lead and falling back by eight points.

But, Those led by Lemoine never give upand manage the opponent effortlessly attempt another conversion, He only finished one point down and left with the expectation of a rematch.

After the engagement, coach Lemoine said in ESPN: “He’s gone through the single issue, if there are players who don’t control the issue it’s very difficult to play at this level. We knew what not to do and we did. It’s hard to play at this level if we make these random moves. I don’t like losing and we didn’t come here to lose.”

Captain Martin Segren, on his part, noted:The match was very difficult. We knew if we did more than 10 penalty kicks it would be complicated, and that’s how it was. Conditions were complicated by the rain. The series is open and we’ll start getting it.”

The return will be next Saturday in Denver, at an altitude of 16,000 metres, although the national team acclimatized in Calama a few weeks ago.

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