The United States is an identification card for illegal immigrants

The United States is an identification card for illegal immigrants

Management Joe Biden Prepare a card for Identification of undocumented immigrants Pending a final decision on asylum or deportation cases in the United States, two government sources announced.

They argue that people who cross borders often do not have a way to identify themselves, which makes it difficult for them to obtain housing, medical care, and transportation while their cases are resolved. Immigration operations freely.

“Officials are considering a pilot program to alleviate some of these burdens, while encouraging more frequent communication with law enforcement during the complex judicial process,” the sources told the newspaper. Axios.

This will be your secure file card

Secure File Card“The name of this Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) identification will beicefor its acronym in English).

She will have the name and nationality of the released immigrant, as well as a QR Code So that they can access an application where immigration and relevant judicial information will be recorded in their operations. Through it, they will be able to update their information and communicate with the federal authorities.

It also intends to include Photo and other biographical identifiers.

An ICE spokesperson said in a statement that the ICE Secure Docket Card (SDC) can simplify forms of authentication.

“Details of the program are still under development, but the primary goal of the SDC is to improve existing and inconsistent paper models that often deteriorate rapidly in real use. Pending the outcome of the pilot, ICE will consider further expansion.”

the gate Axios It reported that “it will also allow unauthorized immigrants, such as asylum seekers, to prove, if detained by the authorities, that they are indeed in the immigration system.”

They add that, “Ideally, it would also encourage unauthorized immigrantsIt’ll provide accurate information about your location.”

This card can eventually be used so that immigrants can fly, since TSA asks for an ID on a plane.

They will not be allowed to vote with this card, it is the right of citizens,

The House of Representatives has already allocated a budget of 10 million dollars in Appropriations Bill for the fiscal year 2023.

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