The United States is involved in riots in Cuba – Prensa Latina


Report published on under the headline Bay of tweets: Documents point to US hand in protests in Cuba, assesses conspiracy.

Signed by Alan MacLeod, a journalist for the US MintPress News website, the focus addressed the events, noting that the Washington establishment immediately received the events, and put all its weight behind the protesters.

He specified that many of those who participated in and promoted the island riots from North American lands were recruited by Washington “to sow discontent in the Caribbean nation.”

Reporting from Havana, the journalist revealed the funding of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) to members of the Cuban art sector.

He deplored the NED’s work as a promoter of alleged “political alternatives,” and noted that the agency “never disclosed who it works with inside Cuba, leaving Cubans to question whether Washington is secretly funding this policy.”

He noted that the State Department, the NED, and the US Agency for International Information financed these plans against Cuba.

US agents tried to use Cuban rappers in their disruptive strategy, although MacLeod made it clear how far they went in that endeavour, as little of the rap community wanted to be a part of the process.

He cited statements to MintPress from Professor Sujatha Fernandes, a sociologist at the University of Sydney and an expert on Cuban musical culture, who asserted that organizations such as the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) were trying to infiltrate Cuban rap groups and funding. covert operations.

The analyst also revealed the participation of US corporate media “very interested in the protests, devoting a large number of columns and broadcast time to the demonstrations”, while closing their pages to suppress the people in Colombia, for example.

According to the American political scientist Noam Chomsky, quoted in the report, it is not only logical, but it is clear that the United States has some kind of involvement “in what is happening in Cuba.


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