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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most vital practice of scheming web content to rank highly in search engine results pages (SERPs). Ranking highly in search engine results pages would enable you to gain more views on your YouTube videos. Search ranking is habitually the gatekeeper to your content as most people prefer to watch what comes at the top of their lists, so optimizing your content for search results is essential to attract the stream of traffic and grow a following of your channel and your videos. YouTube SEO comprises optimizing your channel, your playlists, the metadata, the descriptions, and your videos as well. You can optimize your videos for search results from both within YouTube and outside of YouTube.

Why should you optimize content through the SEO tactics?

The primary reason behind optimizing content through the SEO tactics is to bring in increasing traffic to the YouTube videos and channels, which will in turn generate more views and allow the users to interact with it. SEO strategies are preferred by users/business owners/blog creators due to its organic way of dealing with views on a particular website. The primary benefit of depending on authentic, organic traffic is that it is sustainable, and the creator doesn’t need to rely on unethical practices for fake views. The entire SEO process outlines how YouTube algorithm allows the most audience favoured content to come at the top. People these days buy YouTube subscribers, hence you need to stay a step ahead and you can buy youtube views on your YouTube videos organically by using SEO strategies.

How can you optimize content through the SEO tactics?

Other than the basics of SEO for YouTube videos, for example adding keywords in titles, meta descriptions, and tags, there’s more to it. You can optimize your content through YouTube SEO through video accessibility. As search engine bots cannot watch videos, they depend on accompanying text data to catalogue them appropriately. A key constituent to a YouTube SEO approach is attaching the power of your video’s text in the form of transcripts, closed captions, and subtitles, which will definitely influence user experience, user engagement, watch time, viewership, and SEO.

8 tricks to gain more views on your YouTube videos through SEO tactics:

1.     Incorporate accurate closed captions

Captions on your YouTube videos boost SEO. YouTube automatically provides your videos with automatic captions. Though, YouTube’s automated captions are only 70% accurate and sometimes are incomprehensible and often embarrassing. To overcome the disadvantageous effects of automated captions for YouTube SEO strategy, you should add accurate closed captions through an SRT file to your YouTube videos. Search engines can’t watch videos and so your captions should be full of relevant keywords that specify what your video is about so that Google can rank your content accordingly. There are various options available for adding captions to YouTube videos.

Closed captions upsurge viewership because they keep the viewers involved irrespective of their access to audio. It is always advised to have accurate captions. YouTube videos with closed captions have proven to increase user visit, earning more likes, shares, and comments than videos without captions. Higher visits, will in turn, boost video search ranking aspects, which means an increased number of views. Moreover, higher engagement results in increased watch time, which is a very critical system of measurement for determining search rank on YouTube. Long watch times directly correlate with higher SERP ranks.

Other than increasing SEO, closed captions make your YouTube videos reachable to viewers who are deaf or have hearing problems. Having captions will also let people watch your videos on a noisy train or in a noiseless library with the sound of the video muted. Therefore, captions make your video available easily, comprehensible, and pleasing for a larger audience.

2.     Informative and catchy title

Make your titles catchy and descriptive, so that people know that watching your video is the best choice among the hundreds of videos available online on the search list of YouTube. Titles are very significant in order to grab the attention of the potential viewer. Generating a really good title is the most crucial job that can effortlessly enable your target spectators to view your video and help you gain more views on your YouTube videos with no trouble and easily. Therefore, you need to work on your titles a bit extra in order to make a great title with providing a little information about the video while keeping it short and super catchy! Make sure to create it in a way that it stands out among other videos and, in the list among other videos, it looks as if it is the most desirable video available to watch online.

3.     Use of keyword in title

Use keyword rich titles only, which means you need to use SEO tactics on your YouTube video titles. Search engine optimization is very crucial for your YouTube videos to be visible to your target spectators so that when they search the related keyword on YouTube the video is available at the top of the search list and it makes sure that it doesn’t get lost in the list among other videos. Hence, it is very crucial to use Search engine optimisation strategies in the title of your YouTube videos because most people usually don’t go at the end of the list, they watch what comes at the top of their lists so hence, it is essential to make sure that your video is available on the top of the list to get the desired number of views and for that, you need to make use of SEO strategies for your title. Thus, it is substantial to optimize your title to increase the number of views on your YouTube videos.

4.     Work on your descriptions

Make your descriptions informative and very descriptive, so that people know a little and are sure about what they are watching. Descriptions are also very significant, not as significant as the title but it does contain a lot of value to it. Hence, you need to work on your descriptions and provide some information about the video while keeping it enlightening and stimulating to read. You can provide directions or data in a way to fascinate and grab the attention of your viewers and this will help you to increase the number of views on your YouTube videos.

5.     Use of keyword in description

Use Keyword Rich Descriptions by using SEO tactics to your YouTube videos description. Make sure to include the objective keyword in the description of your video at a minimum once. You need to always keep in mind and remember it is good and advisable to use search engine optimization tactics in the descriptions of your videos as well. It is proposed to optimize your title and descriptions to increase the number of views on your YouTube videos.

6.     Add a transcript to your video

Making YouTube videos is extraordinary, yet once in a while, your spectators would require a record in a written format because of language imperatives or incapacity. YouTube takes into account shut inscriptions where a record is added as a transcript to a video. Watchers can flip this transcript on and off freely at their own choice. If you are targeting an international audience to a worldwide market, transcripts can be an amazing decision. Deciphering scripts are valuable for assisting those with other language capacities to comprehend your recordings better. Now the important question is that how would you generate a record archive to transfer it to YouTube? It is very basic and easy actually. You make a SubRip Subtitle document, SRT for short, which incorporates the beginning and finish times close to the content.

7.     Offer subtitles in multiple languages

Offering subtitles in different languages would enable people from different countries and different regions to have access to your video and hence have a wider reach.

Just as English subtitles make your videos reachable to a larger number of viewers, translations in other languages further expand your viewers and increase YouTube SEO. YouTube’s global reach is gigantic.

Subtitles in overseas languages enable international and non-native English-speaking audiences to enjoy your videos as well. Search engines will also catalogue your translated subtitle files and include your video in search results of those languages. This can be a really big step for your YouTube SEO strategy since you have a much better chance of ranking higher because of non-English keywords due to lower rivalry.

8.     Say your target keyword in your video

If you don’t say your targeted keyword in your YouTube video, it won’t appear in the captions or transcript of your video which are the two of the most crucial components of a efficacious YouTube SEO strategy. Therefore, try to include your keyword considerately and logically in your video and do not overstuff your script. If it’s supportive, create a script beforehand and try to integrate the keyword at the commencement of your video so that it appears early on in your transcript.


In total, the primary benefits of SEO strategies are that it is cost effective. The aforementioned ways of utilizing search engine optimization will allow any YouTuber to generate more views, post relatable content and expand to a larger demographic in order to amplify their channel.

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