The United States is putting pressure on the 2021 CONCACAF Gold Cup qualifiers

The United States is putting pressure on the 2021 CONCACAF Gold Cup qualifiers

With the mission to become strong as a citizen and win Gold Cup 2021 Four years later, Choose us She appears as a favorite to achieve the title, thanks to the good performance of the golden generation of players, better known as next generation, Which is what his coach assumes Greg Berhalter.

In fact, in a conversation with the official FIFA podcast, the strategist warned that there are no longer excuses to be able to show their full potential, in a team that will be led by characters like Sergino DistAnd the Weston McKinneyAnd the Christian Pulisic s Giovanni ReinaAnd the Among other things.

This is the year we’ll see how we really are. I believe a lot in this group, and I trust a lot in the potential of the players, however Now is the time to prove it in court. We have to winBecause we will be judged by the results. “The United States coach said.

“It’s time to show it on the field”: Berhalter

Another issue that was addressed by a strategist Team USA It is the football moment that many of its characters are experiencing, such as the case of Dest, who completed his first season with him Barcelona And who indicated that He is a player who needs to have a good time on the field. He needs to feel that he can be himself. You need that freedom for the artist. He can do things that you cannot direct..

Pulisic and goalkeeper advice Zach Stephen, Which will be at the end Champions LeagueBerhalter answered that It has been an incredible year for the United States in football. In other words, having two Americans in the Champions League Final is unbelievable. It’s fun to watch the American players compete at the highest level. And of course, I’ll be sitting down to watch a duel next week. ”.

Finally, the coach progressed The friendship they will keep SwissAnd the Next May 30, that “Our It’s a great test, so we’ll try to put together a very competitive team To be able to show our level before selection which works very well ‘.

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