The United States is ‘raging’ with number 1 in Spain … and is in battle with a Twitter user!

The United States is ‘raging’ with number 1 in Spain … and is in battle with a Twitter user!

It has always been the assumption Selfishness Of the NBA that he only cares about what happened within the limits of the United States expired. As Osman Garuba said a few days ago to MD, far from the evidence of European excellence embodied by Doncic, Jokic, Antetokounmpo and company, the first basketball power in the world is suspended and a lot of everything that happens outside its borders. In this case, the inside was referring to the reflection it produced United State and NBA eurobasketball He is from Spain, but his statement can also be extrapolated to the number 1 in the FIBA ​​World Ranking who was recently crowned the national team after being taken from the United States.

There is jealousy in the United States for losing the world number one for the first time in 20 years to the current world and European champions. And it’s not just about the comments on social networks, it’s about the country itself publicly acknowledging it through its Twitter profile. Basketball Association. “Hahaha, that’s cute,” USA Basketball posted wryly yesterday after the FIBA ​​highlighted the team’s achievement. But, even to the surprise of the American body’s reaction, the best is yet to come.

Minutes later, the US holding his chest It remembered who was the Olympic champion by posting a photo of the Tokyo 2020 podium. “We can’t wait to be back again soon,” the organization wrote, noting France, Australia and silver and bronze in recent games. The tweet generated an avalanche of reactions, as expected. “Cry to tears. Put down the World Cup podium, go ahead,” One user replied. In an unusual response, since official organizations’ accounts don’t usually get involved with the issue, American basketball Reply to the concerned user with a picture of the scoreboard from the quarter-final match in Tokyo in which the USA eliminated Spain to underscore the high degree of annoyance with the national team’s achievement.

However, as happened with Eurobasket, many US media outlets echoed the achievement, and the media caught up ESPN s “athlete”. Participation with the US team, affected them directly, although it is not often that they publish information related to FIBA ​​basketball. ESPN, through the prestigious agency News agencywithout ratings displays a piece of information that has gained space among the major NBA news.

For his part, the “athlete” withdrew Paradoxes In the American Union Line. “You might be wondering why a fourth consecutive Olympic gold medal doesn’t carry more weight. Well, the Olympics aren’t a FIBA ​​event. And in FIBA, the Americans haven’t been as dominant.” Display the broker in the info Joe Vardon.

The Athletic explained how FIBA’s scoring system works to explain why the team that won the last four gold medals never finished at the top. The system is based on the results of each six yearsThe beginning of the current period with 2017. The seventh place for the United States in the 2019 World Cup, which was won by Spain Ricky Rubio As the MVP, he punished the current No. 2 a lot.

“Respect Bo Cruz”

Naturally, the tweet that FIBA ​​made the new official number elicited unanimous comments from American fans, some acknowledging the team’s advantage led by Sergio Scarilloothers despise it, and others focus their criticism on the American team itself.

“Spain never beat the USA. Never. Congratulations to Spain, you won well. Wow,” said one user, noting that the Spanish team had not beaten the USA since 2002 Indianapolis World Cup -in the fifth-place match-, and lost to the USA team in the last four Olympic events, including the impressive finals of Beijing 08 s London 12. Perhaps the only thing that can be “blamed” is a team that is still embracing success despite the retirement of almost all the components of the golden generation.

“Respect Bo Cruz,” said another user referring to Juancho Hernangomez, Already known in the United States from his 7 years in the NBA, he became famous above all in many tracks for his role in the movie “Hustle” starring Adam Sandler. Other users on Twitter warned of the small difference between the level of the United States and the level of Spain, pointing to the final match of the U-17 World Cup, which saw a group of From Aday Mara, Hugo González And the Ezan Al-Mansi – MVP of the Tournament – They competed very well despite the final difference (67-79).

“The most brutal thing I’ve seen is USA vs Spain in the U-17 World Cup, our best players are against their own team and the game was tight. There didn’t seem to be much difference between the two countries in basketball. Particularly strange because Football there is still very dominant,” he said. another user said. The number 1 of Spain bites in the United States and Twitter well reflects the alarming state of mind of the country that rules world basketball, although it is not in the ranking now. owner of the social network, Elon Muskyou still want to close it…

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