The United States recorded fewer than 40,000 cases for the first time in five months – Telam


In the United States, about 520,000 have died from the epidemic

The United States has recorded fewer than 40,000 daily cases of coronavirus during the past 24 hours, its lowest number in five months, according to local Johns Hopkins University statistics.

This number peaked at nearly 300,000 new cases on January 8 in the country hardest hit by the pandemic, with more than half a million deaths from the disease.

Since the first case of coronavirus was discovered in the United States, 28.9 million people have fallen ill

But now it is back to levels before the November Thanksgiving celebrations and Christmas, when travel and gatherings further spread the virus in the United States.

Another encouraging sign as the country continues its vaccination campaign is that daily deaths and hospitalizations due to the Coronavirus have also decreased.

Currently, three vaccines are being given against the virus in the country, and President Joe Biden’s administration says the campaign to vaccinate 100 million people in the first 100 days of his term is advanced.

Amid the good news, however, some states have lifted pandemic restrictions, such as a requirement to wear masks.

Biden described these measures as premature and dangerous.

Since the discovery of the first case of Coronavirus in the United States, 28.9 million people have fallen ill, of whom 520,000 have died.

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