Three Oaxacan die in a clash in California, United States; IOAM will manage your return home


The Ministry of External Relations (SRE) confirmed Thursday that among the 10 Mexicans died In a car accident that occurred near the Mexico-US border on March 2, three were from Oaxaca.

Through a statement, the Federal Agency stated that so far there is a record 13 dead About this collision between a truck and a trailer in California, USA; They include 10 Mexican citizens, details that three of them were originally OaxacaAnd three from the state MichoacanThe rest came from Guerrero, Morelos, Nayarit, and Baja California.

On March 2, a trailer and truck carrying 25 people crashed in Imperial County, California, causing many deaths and injuries.

For its part, the Institute for Immigrant Aid (IOAM) also confirmed the information on three Oaxacan Mexicans who lost their lives in the accident last Tuesday, and announced that, through the state’s Institute of Immigrants, they will begin managing their transportation to their home communities.

Aida Ruiz Garcia, President of IOAM, stated that on the instructions of the Governor, Alejandro Murad, they started calling the Consulate to apply first with a team of attorneys in Legal and legal aid for family members From the victims, to clarify the required procedures, and on the other hand, to cover all their expenses HFor moving bodies.

In an interview, he declared that due to the coronavirus epidemic, and in accordance with international regulations, the bodies would have to be cremated and deposited in sealed containers and then airlifted to Mexico City and then to Oaxaca, where they would later be brought to their home communities

SRE is still awaiting identification of the deceased victims of that accident. And he made it clear that they exist now Nine people were taken to hospital: Six in San DiegoThree Mexicans and three GuatemalansOf these, two Mexicans are adults and have been reported to be stable, although with fractures, while the third is young and intubated.

The day after this incident, on March 3, the Border Patrol revealed that a second truck was to transport another group of migrants in the same area and at the same time, they could have had a traffic accident but without serious consequences or injuries. The people were turned over to the US authorities to investigate what happened.

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