The United States reminds Ortega that this country is the main supplier of oil to Nicaragua

The United States reminds Ortega that this country is the main supplier of oil to Nicaragua

The US Embassy in Nicaragua revealed that in 2021, the government of Daniel Ortega purchased $754.104 million of oil and its derivatives from the United States, representing 68% of consumption in the country.

Official figures place the United States once again as a major supplier of oil. The diplomatic headquarters in Managua posted a graphic on its Twitter account highlighting the importance of providing this product to boosting Nicaragua’s economy.

In addition, he noted, importing oil allows Daniel Ortega’s regime to “keep millions of jobs” in Nicaragua.

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According to the Central Bank of Nicaragua, the Ortega government spent $1,116,369.3 million on importing oil and its derivatives in 2021.

The main suppliers of oil in that period are: the United States with $754.104 million, followed by Ecuador with $90,720 million, and El Salvador with 73, 146; Costa Rica 60595; Guatemala with 14,880 and Mexico with $11,137 million, details of a CIF import report by major trading partners, available at web page Central Bank of Nicaragua (BCN).

Recently, the US delegation also reminded the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo that their country is the main source of remittances to Nicaragua with 63.8% and 11% of GDP. The US embassy confirmed that “this money puts food on the table and is the source of livelihood for millions of Nicaraguans.”

He also revealed that the United States is Managua’s main trading partner. Nicaragua has a trade surplus with the United States – $2,139 million in 2020, or 17% of GDP. Nicaragua sells more than it buys from the United States, and it creates jobs and economic growth for Nicaragua,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

Ortega attacks the United States in every speech, referring to it as an “empire,” but it maintains close ties with Russia, a country that maintains a military invasion against Ukraine that has already killed hundreds. Ortega even endorsed the Kremlin’s decisions and this caused “unease” in North America.

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