The United States says it wants to “avoid the militarization” of the Arctic – the United States – internationally


US Secretary of State Anthony Blink Asked on Tuesday in Iceland “to avoid a MilitarizationFrom the Arctic, a clear warning to Russia, whose authorities yesterday defended their military activities in that strategic region.

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We are concerned about an increase in some military activities
North PoleThis increases the risk of accidents and undermines the common goal of a peaceful and sustainable future for the region
Blinkin told reporters on the eve of a meeting of the Arctic Council that coincides with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov.

Minister of Foreign Affairs He implicitly called for “avoiding statements” such as those he made on Monday, highlighting his “hope” that the Arctic summit on Wednesday and Thursday would promote “peaceful cooperation in the region.”

We hope that this kind of cooperation will continue and that the Arctic will remain an area of ​​peaceful cooperation.Blinken stated.

“We must go forward, all of us Russia Including, on the basis of the rules and commitments made by each of us, and avoiding statements that weaken them, “in response to a question about Lavrov’s words about
North Pole.

On Monday, the head of Russian diplomacy announced that the Arctic is a region of influence for Russia, warning the West about its ambitions there.

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It has been clear to everyone for a long time that these lands are ours, and they are part of our landsAnd he stressed, deploring above all the offensive drifts of NATO and Norway in the Arctic.

For his part, Anthony Blinken criticized Russia for its “illegal maritime claims, especially regarding the rules for navigation of foreign ships on the northern route” off the coast of the Russian Arctic.

These rules “do not comply with International right This is something we have repeated and will continue to do so. “

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