The United States warns Russia that there will be consequences if opposition Alexei Navalny dies


Washington– White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan this Sunday warned that Russia That there will be consequences if the Russian opponent Alexey Galvani He died as a result of complaints about his deteriorating health in prison.

In an interview with CNN, Sullivan said the United States government had informed Moscow that “whatever happens to the master. Navy They are in their charge and will have to file accounts for the international community. ”

Sullivan did not specify what kind of action he could take I And his allies if the opponent dies and only says they are analyzing a range of options.
“I will not send a telegram publicly at this time, but we have conveyed (to Moscow) that there would be repercussions if the mr. Navy He said.

In this sense, he was in favor of addressing this issue individually and through diplomatic channels at the highest level with the Russian executive branch.

The National Security Adviser did not want to go into the possibility of a summit between a president IAnd Joe Biden and his counterpart from RussiaAnd the Russian President Vladimir Putin, Can become frustrated in case Navy Dies.

He said only that there were talks so that the meeting, proposed by Biden, could take place “in appropriate circumstances” with the aim of strengthening bilateral relations.

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Representatives from Russia’s regional parliaments published an open letter to Putin on Sunday, calling for immediate medical aid to Putin NavyDetained in a prison 110 kilometers east of Moscow.

On Friday, the opponent confirmed on Instagram that the prison authorities had realized the “serious” deterioration of his health, and that they were threatening to begin feeding him by force if he did not stop his hunger strike.

NavyThe 44-year-old has lost 16 kilograms since entering prison in February and 9 since he began a hunger strike on March 31, in protest at the prison services ’refusal to be examined by a trusted doctor.

On Saturday, Biden described the situation as “totally unfair.” NavyIn statements to reporters when leaving a golf club in Wilmington (Delaware).

Tension between I s Russia This week it rose after Washington imposed a set of sanctions on Russian companies and individuals, in addition to the expulsion of ten diplomats from that country, after Moscow was accused of cyber espionage and meddling in the 2020 US elections, among other things.

In revenge, Russia On Friday, they responded by expelling 10 US diplomats, imposing sanctions for interfering in their affairs and blacklisting top officials.


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