The United States will not invite Venezuela and Nicaragua to the Summit of the Americas | world | Dr..

The United States said Thursday (05.26.2022) that it will not under any circumstances invite the government of Nicolas Maduro or the government of Nicaragua to the Summit of the Americas, which will be held in June in Los Angeles, despite threats of a boycott led by Mexico if these countries and Cuba are excluded. .

“It’s impossible. We don’t recognize it as a sovereign government,” summit coordinator Kevin O’Reilly told a Senate committee when asked about the Venezuelan government’s participation.

Washington, which has recognized opposition leader Juan Guaido, as interim president, considers Maduro, whose re-election in 2018 has been widely disputed by international observers.

On the final call of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, whom Washington also didn’t know after being re-elected in November with most of his rivals imprisoned or in exile, O’Reilly was final and said “no.”

The official was less forthcoming when answering questions about possible Cuban government involvement. “This will be a decision for the White House to make,” O’Reilly said.

But Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel announced on Wednesday that he would not attend “in any case”.


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